Measures to keep cottage and shepherds hut guests safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Having completed a COVID19 risk assessment we must put in the following additional measures to be covid secure. Please read these carefully and do get in touch if you have any questions. We have tried to ensure that these will not impact the enjoyment of your stay at the farm. We reserve the right to amend these rules if government guidelines change.

These rules are in addition to the standard terms and conditions we have, which can be found on our website

For the safety of everyone it is important that you do follow these rules. We have a duty of care to all staff and guests, and so in the case of a serious failure to adhere to or continual breaking of the rules, we may ask you to leave the farm with no refund for any days not used.

Apologies that the list is long, but it's all pretty straightforward really.

The shared facility building known as the guest barn, encompasses 2 self enclosed toilets, 2 self enclosed shower room with wc, a laundry room, an honesty shop, games area and washing up area. Please do not use the toilets or showers in this block, this is just for the use of campers. You may use the tumble dryer (though there is one in the Dutch barn if you are staying there) in the laundry room and the honesty shop.

  1. You should not travel to us if you suspect you have corona virus. Instead you should arrange for a test and await the result before making a decision on whether to travel. In the event you cannot travel and we are open, we are unable to offer any refund. We strongly suggest you arrange travel insurance to cover you. We cannot recommend a policy, but understand there are policies available.
  2. Upon arrival we will no longer do a meet and greet, the key to your accommodation will be in the front door of your accommodation or the key safe. The code is in your arrival email.
  3. We have created a digital welcome pack on our website at
  4. We have removed all fabric cushions and blankets from beds, all dvd's, books, console games and decorative objects from each accommodation. The Dutch barn has an xbox one and Skyber barn has an xbox 360 in case you want to bring your own games.
  5. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied to the guest barn. This is to ensure that the rules are followed correctly at all times
  6. Please try to stay 2 meters apart from others outside your group where possible and at a minimum 1 meter apart
  7. The pool table, table football and sofas are not permitted to be used in the guest barn.
  8. You may purchase items from the shop. Please put the money in the honesty box and email us at with a list of items you have had as we need this information for our tax return
  9. Use the hand sanitiser when entering the guest barn
  10. Darzona and Skyber may use the tumble dryer in the guest barn. The Shepherds hut may use both the washing machine and tumble dryer in the guest barn. Please use the spray and wipe provided to clean any surface you touch. Do not touch the door to the laundry room. Put the spray back up on the shelf after use to stop children reaching it. Please don't go crazy with the paper towels.
  11. Leave the main door open at all times to the guest barn
  12. We have a boules court, if you wish to play, please bring your own boules
  13. The seating and bbq on the terrace is reserved for Skyber Barn and Darzona cottages. There is a sign by each seating area for Darzona and Skyber.
  14. Please use the hand sanitiser before opening general waste of recycling bins
  15. The guest barn will be closed for 1 hour in the morning between 10.30-11.30, and in the evening 20.30-21.30 so that we can clean everything safely.
  16. If you show symptoms of COVID19 during your stay, you must report it to us, isolate and arrange for a test. If you test positive, you should return to your main residence. We recommend that you keep sufficient fuel in your vehicle at all time to get you home. If for any reason you have to extend your stay to self isolate, you will be liable to the standard rate for the accommodation you are staying in. If you have to leave early, we cannot refund you and we strongly suggest you arrange travel insurance to cover you. We cannot recommend a policy, but understand there are policies available.
  17. You are welcome to visit the sheep, chickens and alpacas, please wash or sanitise your hands first. Note that the chickens are friendly, but inquisitive and will peck your clothes.
  18. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot allow you to feed the animals. You should not allow anyone that is not staying in your accommodation onto the farm.
  19. Upon vacating your accommodation, please open all windows (unless it is raining), please remove all linen from the beds and all towels (do not put the bath matt in) from the bathroom, these should then be placed in the linen bags provided (please do not roll linen into a ball or put linen into pillowcases) and left by the front door of the accommodation. Please leave bath mats and tea towels in a pile by the front door. We appreciate you doing this as it significantly reduces the risk of the virus spreading (if present) and means we don't have to extend our cleaning times.
  20. As usually requested, please dispose of any rubbish/recycling in the outside bin area.
  21. When you are due to leave please leave the key in the door of the accommodation.

We love to hear your comments on your stay, so if you had a great time please write a review on

If you feel there are improvements to be made please e-mail us directly either during or after your stay so we can improve things and make your stay as enjoyable as possible.