Our approach to sustainability

We aim to run the farm in a sustainably way. Here's a few of the things we do to achieve this
Renewable heating and hot water
Our Frohling biomass boiler uses a sustainable wood source to heat all the hot water used on the farm, and for the central heating of the buildings. This allowed us to decommission the LPG source of fuel in 2015
Solar PV
We have 32 solar panels, with a 8kw capacity to help with the electricity usage. We even hire our solar powered battery packs to campers using non electric pitches
EV (electric vehicle) charging
Guests are able to use 2 of our 3 EV Charging points. Just bring your type 2 charging lead and download the vendelectric app
Electric Vehicles
Where possible we have switched to electric vehicles. Even our ATV is battery powered
Hot tub heating
We understand that hot tubs are not the most eco friendly, however, modern hot tubs are well insulated and we have converted ours to run off the biomass heating system, using specialist heat exchangers. These are more efficient than the standard electric heaters and the heating is from a renewable source. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the starlit sky.
Farm animals
Whilst we are not an organic farm, we aim to farm sustainably. We keep stock density low and don't use pesticides. We sell eggs from the chickens and meat from the pigs in our honesty shop, which minimises transportation miles